1998 Samaroli Rum Guadeloupe Agricole 45%

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1998 Samaroli Rum Guadeloupe Agricole 45%

Postby numen » Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:06 pm

gift sample from a friend

Nose: Oh my, this is really special. Delicately sweet with a puff of grass. It's elegant in the gentle blend of the salty/savory and the sweet brown spices - along the lines of Dutch cinnamon. Just a few grains, of course, but they're distinct and evident. The most delicious licorice, and fine (light) molasses (ed: obviously) Syrup. Eventually a few more salty and off-rubber notes emerge, not really olives, tar, or rubber. In two words: elegantly complex.

Palate: Lots to live up to here. Muted at first; it's just hiding. Pulling you in. Rather some showmanship! Honey syrup, and then it rises at the mid-palate. More dark flavors - burned sugar or molasses on an orange creme brulee - and a charred barrel. A few ashy notes along with the usual sort of grassy thing that agricoles bring with them. Salt/dark olive, and not quite rubber. Licorice as well.

Finish: Sugar-cinnamon on melted butter. Light brown sugar, vanilla, and everything else drifting together. Not big, and everything is in check. Excellent balance, and comes through at all turns. A-

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