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Rémy Martin V

Postby wouter » Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:08 pm

Some will be a bit confused about what Rémy Martin V is, but two things are clear about the newest release from the venerable Cognac house Rémy Martin: It's utterly transparent and it's going to set the mixology world to work creating new cocktails.

You may be tempted to call Rémy V a Cognac or even a vodka. It's neither. While the new spirit, is made in Cognac, it can't fall under that brandy appellation as it is not aged. And as for vodka, V has too much flower and fruit to fall into that "odorless, tasteless" category.

What Rémy is calling V on the bottle is "distilled grape spirit." The company might also call it an eaux-de-vie (a clear, unaged brandy) and the name (pronounced as the letter "v", not the Roman numeral "five") is a hint to that.

Did you already taste this eaux-de-vie? ;)

My review notes of the Remy Martin V are:

The color: clear-colored.
The nose: citrus, oranges, pears, hard candy, some flowery wine notes, and slight minty.
The taste: oranges, pears, honey and lemon drops.
The after-taste: surprisingly long finish, mainly fruity.
Age: not aged.
The price: about 40 dollars.
The conclusion: quite pricey, but a good but buy for those who love fruity eaux-de-vie or Cocktails.
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