A good [sweet] beginners cognac/brandy or even cordial

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Re: A good [sweet] beginners cognac/brandy or even cordial

Postby alexnyc » Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:16 am

I have the same taste for sweet/sweet flavour cognacs. Being in the army I've realized how hard it is to fight for your right to have a "girl's taste" in liquors!! After trying about 10 cognac/brandys from several countries Ive stuck with US made: Galo's E&J XO Brandy. Do not listen to anyone. Just try it. It's really not for the so called "cognac lovers". It's intense sweet aroma will surprise you.
http://morewines.com/ej-xo-limed-releas ... 750ml.html

As always the society how I see it are mostly snobs succumbing to advertising or traditional pressure and start whining about high priced vodkas, wines and cognacs but in a gun-to-your temple test - most fail to even recognize the bottom shelf. Many of my good mates lost a bet that way... :lol:
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