Help !Best VS/VSOP Cognac ?!

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New distillate
New distillate
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Help !Best VS/VSOP Cognac ?!

Postby AdrianSSS » Tue Oct 13, 2015 3:43 pm

Hi ,
Now i have an almost empty Martell VS bottle ,i really liked this cognac. Martell VS has a kid of "sweet-fruity" aroma.
Hennessy vs taste , i think is almost, just smooth ,not very much...... ,nothing complex .

I don't know what to choose between "Hennessy Fine de Cognac","Martell VSOP ",Courvoisier VSOP ,Courvoisier VS. In general i like sweet-fruity-honey-vanilla types of aromas.

I really don't know what to choose ,something sweet -vanilla -honey-frutti ,i want to replace Martell VS with something better,BUT WHAT to choose ?
Henessy Fine de Cognac is a good choice ? Or what can I buy ?

Sorry for my bad English......


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