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Need help with a gift

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 12:49 pm
by Unknown
I know... I'm thinking about Christmas in August.
I was going to do cognac xo a month for my boyfriend from the site but its been a month and they haven't replied to my email and I can't find user reviews for it... Also their site looks like crap. I don't trust it.

I still want to get my boyfriend some nice cognac for Christmas. My options are 1 bottle of louis XIII 700ml OR a bunch of cognac: tesseron lot no 76 tradition xo, hennessy xo, Remy martin xo excellence, courvoisier xo, marnier xo, hine cigar reserve xo.

Is this really a quality vs quantity thing? He will normally buy a bottle that's between $100-$300 and drink it slowly and then buy a new bottle when its done. So I'm unsure if I should help him build a nice collection or spoil him with 1 expensive bottle.

I know nothing about cognac. My life would be much easier if he loved beer the way I do Lol help me??