Grey Goose Vodka

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Grey Goose Vodka

Postby wouter » Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:24 pm

What do you guys think about Grey Goose Vodka? It is being made in the Cognac-Area in France...

My tasting notes of the Grey Goose Vodka are:

The nose: clean and fresh with buttered popcorn and white pepper and a particularly soft alcohol aroma.
The taste: silky smooth mouth-feel whilst the delicate flavors take a little more searching. Some bitterness…. Subtle anise taste that sits alongside a touch of white pepper, and again the buttered popcorn from the nose. This is a nice clean vodka that whilst not as ‘neutral’ tasting as some, is nonetheless reserved in its character…
The after-taste: slight after-taste of minerals.
The origin: Cognac region of France.

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Re: Grey Goose Vodka

Postby BSinTX » Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:57 pm

Grey Goose is a most excellent vodka. I like it over ice with maybe a splash of lemon or lime.

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Re: Grey Goose Vodka

Postby Dodge » Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:51 pm

i did not know that vodka drinking causes to stomach ache. anyway, thanks

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Re: Grey Goose Vodka

Postby jamesharry1 » Wed Jul 29, 2015 5:20 am

Grey Goose is known to be a super-premium and one of the best tasting vodka all over the world, It is a supremely smooth and rich vodka that can adapt to any use, be it for neat sipping or in cocktails.Grey Goose is an amazingly clean and delicate vodka with flavors befitting its premium status, you’re sure to love it!

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