Ron Navazos Palazzi, 51%

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Ron Navazos Palazzi, 51%

Postby numen » Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:49 pm

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Nose: Takes a few minutes to open up. Comes out just a bit like a Spanish brandy, and then a heavy demerara shows up behind it. Rubber, dark sherry, and lightly oxidized sherry. Burned sugar. Almost creamy and vanilla-y. The rum elements are full, rich, and delicious -- veering back to the licorice, raisin skin, menthol, and olives.

Palate: The entry, for a brief moment, is more on the brandy, and then quickly turns to the rum. The same classic demerara, not the heavily sweetened, but those massive wonders that are hard to find in the US. Licorice, salt, clean olive oil, chocolate/cocoa, creamy sherry. Brown sugar.

Finish: The best of both worlds. The demerara gets a great boost from the sherry - highly complementary. Everything from the palate just swirls together. Really fantastic stuff. Excellent Sherrum. A-

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