1980 Damoiseau 60.3% Guadeloupe

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1980 Damoiseau 60.3% Guadeloupe

Postby numen » Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:07 pm

from a purchased sample

Nose: There is definitely rum in this glass. I am liking this a lot. Brown sugar and darkly spiced molasses. Obvious sweet element, but more spiced, dark goodness. Cinnamon and ginger snap cookies, burned treacle. Cedar and sandalwood. Thick and oily syrup. Licorice/anise, plum skin, cumin, and bigness. This is a rum's rum. Spicy Vietnamese cinnamon. All types of goodness. Perhaps not the most layered or complex, but it's big, expressive, and rich. And sometimes, that's what we (I) want.

Palate: Almost what you'd expect from something like this. Big and direct. Maybe too big. Spiced. Thick molasses and more cookies. Then at the mid-palate, this turns to bitter and tart fruit. Tastes rather like spices have been added, but I don't know much of anything about it. Burned, salty prune skin. Black olive with a few grains of salt. Whiffs of grassiness and tar. Fair amount of licorice and aniseed oil.

Finish: Lingers rather more like a spiced rum. A bit sad there. I do enjoy these kinds of thing on the whole, but it's maybe just over the top, even for me, on that spiced quality. Big and bold to say the least. B-

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