1998 Bellevue 14 Year (cask #4) Duncan Taylor, 52.3%

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1998 Bellevue 14 Year (cask #4) Duncan Taylor, 52.3%

Postby numen » Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:03 pm

from a purchased sample

Nose: Yeah, this is starting out as a very sexy rum. Is rum supposed to be sexy? Light sugar and grassiness in weak ristretto. Hint of salt, chocolate malt, honey, vanilla (just a drop), anise, and mint. Some melange sort of thing of fabulously herbal and forest-like concoction. Exceptionally elegant, and subtly nervous.

Palate: Yes. Yesss. Maybe less sexy here, even if bigger and a bit lighter at turns. Honey and smooth sugar. Then it gets big. Showing smoke, tar, salt, olives, diesel oil, and a powerful musty funkiness (rubber). Did I mention olives? A bag of 'em. More grass, twigs, and pressed herbal oils. For as big as it was, it turns back to Bruce Banner, and who doesn't appreciate an appearance from The Hulk. Even at this, it doesn't lose flavor or grace.

Finish; Follows more on that funky rubber and olives, with traces of salt and sweet. Never granular sugar, and always just right. There's not much more for me to say, though this may not be for everybody. It sure is for me, even if it's not of your easier, light, and linear rums. A-

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