Caroni Estate Caribbean Rum XO Berry Bros. & Rudd, 46%

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Caroni Estate Caribbean Rum XO Berry Bros. & Rudd, 46%

Postby numen » Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:02 pm

from a purchased sample

Nose: Refreshing and well-rounded. There's a base of musty molasses, a touch faint, along with some cinnamon and licorice. Some brown spice as well. Hiding behind that, you get some of that usual salt and olives, oil, and a funkiness akin to those tarry notes, but not as fully ripe or rubbery. Everything is in check and lovely. Now I've got some elevated expectations.

Palate: Oh my. This attack comes a from all over the place. And it hits a lot of the same notes as the nose, just not in any expected progression. Balanced, and a light "heavy" demerara with honey-molasses, salt, and a bigger tarry-rubber presence than on the nose, but neither fierce or over-strong. Also more sweet brown spice and shaved skin from a very dry, massive raisin.

Finish: More of the same, working in reverse order. The salty, dry, and rubbery note kicks off the finish, and then delightful molasses comes out and plays with the tarry smokiness. The balance really separates this and keeps all the great elements going. B+

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