Christian Drouin Calvados, Hors d'Age

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Christian Drouin Calvados, Hors d'Age

Postby BSinTX » Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:20 pm

The cold weather is upon us. I spent two days traveling with a snow storm which made traveling by air really fun. Now that I am home and able to relax indoors, I can stare outside and if need be, open the door to remind me why I am not outside. Today, the right pour was Christian Drouin Calvados, Hors d'Age (15 years old.)


Nose: Apples.....tons of apples and unmistakable as to what this is made from. The alcohol gives the nose the tartness of green apples and the rest of the apples give this the sweetness to the aroma. Sweet and sour apples with vanilla, a little butter, caramel, brown sugar, and a small touch of anise or black licorice. Not overly complex as the aromas seem to be similar from sip to sip.

Taste: Apples....lots of apples, the same sweet and sourness which is on the nose. It actually tastes very similar to how it smells and this is not a bad thing. At 42% ABV, this has just the right amount of boldness though I would not complain if it had more. A rather long and spicy aftertaste which is more like clove and leather. This is a very pleasing pour and I am thankful for Charles Neal for introducing me to this product in his videos.

I have not tried the other bottlings of Calvados from Christian Drouin as they are younger than this and I don't know that I would want less wood in the flavor. I am interested in trying other types of apple brandy as the familiarity of apples makes this product highly enjoyable.

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