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Cardenal Mendoza Carta Real, 40%

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:54 pm
by numen
from a purchased sample

Nose: Oh, yes! For the Spanish brandy lovers in all of us, this starts out in excellent territory. Brown syrup and grape molasses with a pinch of salt and some nuttiness, and a wedge of copper penny (it's not metallic; I'm sensitive to that - it's more an oxidized note). Chocolate, dark and dense grapiness, prune, and a present and dense sweetness that's perfectly in check for this sort of thing. Dried unsweetened figs. Delicious and rather (for a Spanish brandy) graceful.

Palate: Virtually all the notes on the nose come out here in a single point, and then they wash over in a few waves. Surprisingly, this is medium weight in the mouth, and it's darker than the nose - almost some faint Turkish coffee in there as well. And dark chocolate flecks, but the rest is the same, and all rather silky and seamless.

Finish: Goes on for a while with all the same flavors and richness. You can't help but smack your lips for it. Some sweetness, and it's superbly balanced with the darker and less sweet elements. Fantastic stuff. A-