Goyard Fine de La Marne, 40%

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Goyard Fine de La Marne, 40%

Postby numen » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:54 pm

from a purchased sample

Nose: Interesting. Lighter than the Marc, unsurprisingly, and there is a hefty funk, rather like a lightly rancid oil or butter. Ah! Like the buttery funk of a young mezcal or tequila. As you get closer and past that, there's gentle fruit. Grape, orange-blossom, vanilla, tangerine, honey. A few flower petals as well. Funky, and the palate should be interesting.

Palate: Honey and rather more together. The same funky oil/butter quality; it's just more balanced with the fruit and flowers. It adds spice as well. Melon, honey, white flower petals, orange, grape, and it's all extracted. The funkiness remains slightly separate and distinct as well.

Finish: The fruit (grape, light and underripe plums, and soft orange fruit) is there along with fermented honey, and that same funkiness. I enjoyed it, but it's not without fault, and is loud at parts. Definitely could stand to retain more overt fruitiness. C+

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