Francis Darroze 1974 Domaine de Coquillon

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Francis Darroze 1974 Domaine de Coquillon

Postby numen » Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:57 pm

My first armagnac was also my favorite, a Francis Darroze Domaine de Salie, about 30 years in barrel. It really put me on armagnac, and remains one of my favorite spirits ever. I came up short being able to get much more of it, and tried lots of other armagnacs along the way. I decided to try to find more armagnacs from the same area to see whether they had a similar flavor profile, or if it's entirely unique to the DdS -- so I looked for more places from La Freche. To find a good point of comparison, I sought a bottle of similar age. In general, 30 years tends to push the limit of armagnac before it takes on too much wood, but it was perfect in the 30 year from DdS, so a 33 year from the Domaine de Coquillon, also from La Freche, was the first to go.

Domaine de Coquillon 1974 - 33yrs.jpg
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Nose: Brown sugar syrup, molasses, grape, rather spirity, stewed fig and light pruneau. There's some oak on the edge of it, a little varnish-like, pie crust, vanilla, cinnamon, almond skin (if you know what I mean in terms of the dry/bitter aspect), and menthol/anise.

Palate: spicy, very trace amount of oaky citrus (showing the age in barrel), a bit of alcoholic grip, pie filling, rich and thick, bitter-sweet nuts, fig rind - a little disjointed alcohol in the midpalate transition.

Finish: brown sugar, molasses, spirity prune playing with wood. prune-fig confit stewing in date juice, little bit of vanilla and cinnamon. Very hearty and strong. Perfectly aged, 33 years is just right (probably even 2-3 years less would be ideal, and, if it's over the hill, it's only just) - it's still got the thick, almost concentrated feeling and flavor.

It's an A-/A to me -- very well put together. The alcohol comes out a bit at a point, but it's all that you could ask for in an armagnac. That brown sugar/molasses background with pruneau and fig (with date trapping) is what I also found in the Domaine de Salie, and I'm really, really curious to know whether there really is a commonality to armagnac from La Freche, at least for those of these grape varietals. In addition, I'm really interested in the ageing; the one from Salie and Coquillon were extremely rich at around 30 years in barrel, and many others turn too tannic/woody by then. Just an observation/point of interest for me.

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Re: Francis Darroze 1974 Domaine de Coquillon

Postby BSinTX » Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:22 pm

Frikken' droooooool man!!

That stuff looks like good sauce. I know exactly what you mean about Armagnac grabbing you from the first try. It was one of those "Can't believe I've never heard of this stuff before!" moments. I must thank Charles Neal (Armagnac Man) for his videos; they are very informative and are what led me to try Calvados and Armagnac. Glad I ventured out!!

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