Dupeyron 1981 (40%)

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Dupeyron 1981 (40%)

Postby Pierre » Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:44 pm

I presented a very nice armagnac from Dupeyron some time ago (with a very welcome Sauternes finish). This one's more classical, from their vintage line. As with most of the biggest producers of Armagnac, this is reduced at 40% ABV. I believe it can be found somewhat easily (Mastor of Malt sells some).

Nose: there are brown/dark flavours right away, caramel, notes of dessert wine, cake and even a bit of charred wood.
Palate: this is sweeter, and quite welcome, there are golden grapes, caramelised fruits but it's overall a bit "light".
Finish: this is medium to long finish (I expected something shorter), lightly toasted with more wood than the palate or nose and some hints of flowers (roses mostly).

There is definitely a "dark" presence in Duperyron armagnacs, it's not bad, reminds me of 100% Colombard stuff. Overall nice quality imo...

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