Dupeyron 1979 Cask Finish Sweet (43%)

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Dupeyron 1979 Cask Finish Sweet (43%)

Postby Pierre » Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:38 am

This is my first armagnac from Dupeyron, a negociant of relatively large size I believe. This sauce has spent the last months/year of its ageing process in ex casks of Sauternes wine (presumably Chateau d'Yquem), following the whisky trend. It's a nice quality piece that people from Dupeyron offer with this armagnac...

Nose: very nice, lots of dark berries (blackberries, dark cherries under spirit) with some cola-like flavours (but not too sweet). There's dark wood and fir tree as well as a winey quality like sherry wine. Maybe some notes of liquorice (here again not too sweet).
Palate: good presence of oak here, with bitterness from the tannins but quite balanced, there are still dark cherries and blackberries. It is not very sweet and the alcohol is well mastered (well, it's only 43% after all, but still...).
Finish: I quite like this one, it is pretty long, sweeter than the palate and nose, it's here that you can feel the influence of Sauternes wine the most imo, with traces of sweet wine and a distinct golden overall quality, I can pick golden grapes here and there. There's a nice warmness down the throat but never aggressive.

Overall an excellent discovery, on the very top of my armagnac scale at the moment, maybe the most enjoyable so far. I don't know if it's the final ageing in Sauternes cask but it also has a very dark colour that matches well with the wood expressions and dark flavours inside (I don't think there are additives inside, actually I believe this is cask strength). Highly recommended in my book. My only grief is that I offered this to my wife last Christmas and thus I need to ask for permission each time I want to have a sip of it :mrgreen:

Edit: it is sold on finestwine if anyone's interested

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