Tariquet 15YO Folle Blanche

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Tariquet 15YO Folle Blanche

Postby BSinTX » Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:38 am

TPS just recently acquired a new shipment of this, so I didn't mind opening my last bottle. This is from 1992 and is 15 years old. 46%ABV and 100% folle blanche makes this a very unique Armagnac. It is also available in 12 and 7 year old bottlings if young Armagnac is your thing. $61 per bottle makes this an excellent value. As this is my third or fourth bottle, I am aware of what it is and so I add a splash of water and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes before sipping.

Note: The Cohiba robusto maduro did NOT go well with this pour so I smoked it without anything to drink. Fantastic smoke but it needs an old brandy with lots of wood and rancio.


Nose: Without water, this stuff is incredibly bright. It doesn't have a harsh alcohol aroma but you need to keep your nose about 2 inches off the glass to prevent your nose from being overwhelmed. Lemony vanilla caramel with ginger and some flowers. Powerfully aromatic for sure!! Add some water and the aromas are much more tame. Some brown sugar and toffee come in and your eyes don't turn bloodshot when smelling.

Taste: Without water, it's as bright as it smells. Vanilla, lemons, ginger, honey, and brown sugar. I can drink this straight but adding a splash of water makes for a more relaxing drink; it's a bit tart for me. Water tones down the brightness and sweetens it up a bit. The lemony tartness gives way to some honey and green bananas. This is not typical Armagnac as the heavy wood is not there but very nice when looking to sip on something different. I think I will buy another bottle to replace the one I just opened as I think I will enjoy this stuff for many years to come.

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