Cognac Navarre Vieille Reserve

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Cognac Navarre Vieille Reserve

Postby numen » Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:49 pm

from sample:

Nose: Zesty. I can get on board with this. Cinnamon, cardamom, orange/lemon zest. Graphite, chestnuts, bread pudding, vanilla, nutmeg, almonds for the earthy quality, and, a bit of fruit behind it, on plums and something like mango (sweet, fleshy yellow/orange fruit). Racy through and through, but the deeper tones keep it anchored and balanced.

Palate: A little less distinct on entry. The alcohol comes out of step at first. A little citric too. In the next wave, there's some heavy bitterness with apricot, peaches, lemon zest. Dried flower petals and vanilla play in the background.

Finish: More of the fruit and bitter wood. A few more earthy notes come out at the end. It was very good and shows class, but the alcohol and bitterness keep it from being great. B/B+ (closer to the latter)

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