Cognac Park - Lot #28

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Cognac Park - Lot #28

Postby Fuzhou » Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:28 pm

Cognac Park - Grande Champagne. Single Barrel. Cellar # 8. Lot 28 (28 years old). Barrel # 401. 44.5 ABV. 450 bottles in total.

15 minutes in the glass... Spicy. Oaky. Explosion of fruit rushing up to the nose. Orange peel. A bit dry. Medium finish.

30 minutes... With a few drop of water....... All the rough edges are gone now. Alcohol fades, yielding to flavors of tropical fruits. Subtle hints or rancio raises to the fore.

Wow. Such great price / quality ratios. After tasting the last Tessendier Brothers creation, Cognac Campagnère XO, this is another winner to me. Keep them coming. We want more.
Cognac Park - Lot #28
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Cognac Park - Lot #28
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Cognac Park - Lot #28
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