NFL team Fans Top Ten Leaderboard--Cheap NFL jerseys report

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NFL team Fans Top Ten Leaderboard--Cheap NFL jerseys report

Postby goodjerseysmall » Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:16 am

With the NFL Football footsteps a little bit close, now chat fans Leaderboard is best time.The good news is that this time the Dallas Cowboys fans finally will not chatter. The bad news is that we may want to annoy the other 31 teams in the fans- Buy NFL jerseys report.

NFL team Fans Ten Leaderboard No. 1-Dallas Cowboys

First, declare Cowboys boss did not send us any money , denim is really number one. Yes, the self-styled American team now really sitting on the nation's best fan base. Of course, this cowboy is really the best news, because the rest of the country seems to be no one like denim or denim fans. Cowboys fans really is the best of football fan groups. Although in the past 20 years, Jones was the whole team mediocrity, unhelpful, but the fans never win when honey faithfully guarded the team. Cowboys fans not only led the NFL last season Concept number per game (more than 91,000), hand chop party still dominate the ranking: in March 2016 to May during the offseason, NFL jerseys the top five best-selling 4 cowboy shirt belongs to the players. It is worth mentioning: 50 after the Super Bowl, the best-selling jersey belongs Elliott-- not played a game in a first-round rookie running cowboy.

NFL team Fans Ten Leaderboard No. 2-New England Patriots & Green bay Packets-

About Packers fans the most incredible is not like they put cheese on his head, nor is that they have equity team, but every Sunday, Green Bay, half of the population should dare Sapphire stadium to watch the game. Buy NFL jerseys -Last season, an average of 78,413 bits per game fans watch the game. And perhaps bland compared Cowboys, Green Bay, but taking into account the total population but only 105,000 people.
Go home to support only problem is that the team, the fans after the game basically frozen like this: t

NFL team Fans Ten Leaderboard No. 4-Pittsburgh Steelers
If you've seen the Steelers away games, you will notice that inside the arena on television half - or even more than half - full of Steelers fans.
NFL team Fans Ten Leaderboard No. 5-Seattle Seahawks
To rating Seahawks Stadium, home of the atmosphere, you can only use the "natural disasters" the. Because every game you can feel earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and typhoons erupted at the same time. In fact, in the 2014 season, the Seahawks face the Cardinals, the team running back Marshawn Lynch to get rid of people grapple ran 70 yards touchdowns during local Seattle around the stadium is really sensitive to minor earthquakes. And the world's largest decibel Arena is also home to the Seahawks.Seattle fans of the visiting team lead manufacturing center and a powerful noise quarterback can not establish communication links in order to delay the game was whistled for moving early or the number of other home fans in the past 11 years did not achieve.
Seattle fans to get to the next level in 2016, the only way is to send a bottle per person before NanoBubbles. NanoBubbles has been proved (actually not) can make all the mechanism of the body work better, including your vocal cords.

Leaderboard No. 6-Oakland Raiders
Although the team is likely to usher third relocation in 35 years, but the fans still firm. Raiders not only have sold out season tickets share of 2016, there are three players in the top jersey NFL bestseller year.

Leaderboard No.7-Denver Broncos
Despite a winter of absolute zero Denver simply hell on earth, but that never prevented a record since the 1970 season, the Broncos had a continuous sale of high balls to make the museum every game tickets.

LeaderboardNo.8-Cleveland Browns ---Brown Famous fans: Condoleezza Rice.

Leaderboard No.9-Chicago Bears--Boarded Saturday Night Live groups, as well as President Obama's famous fans

LeaderboardNo.10-Philadelphia Eagles --Congratulations to enter the top ten.

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