Michel Forgeron Hors d'Age (50%)

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Michel Forgeron Hors d'Age (50%)

Postby Pierre » Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:48 am

This is a blend of 40 to 50 years old... And it's a beauty :D

Nose: Oh my, this falls into the category "I'd buy a bottle just to smell it", just behind the Taketsuru 21 YO I think (best nose I ever smelled). This is subtle stuff and despite the ABV I catch no agression from the alcohol. It starts right off with spices, curry and safron, things I seldom smelled in a brandy. You also get ginger cookies and hints of orange (but very discrete, the way I like it). And of course there's a yummy set of woods, but it's not just oak: the website talks about santal wood, I don't know how it smells, it might just be that. The rancio is extremely elegant anyway, I can't get bored of smelling that even after hours...

Palate: Ok, that's where the 50% come into play, this warms up your tongue in a way that no 40% stuff could do, but this is just it: pure warmness, nothing agressive, and it just disappears when reaching the throat, this is truly well mastered alcohol here... When the warmth calms down a little the rancio develops and it is just what I love. It couples with pepper ("black pepper" would not do it justice, it's a mix, maybe black and white, not sure) and you can feel a light bitterness from the wood.

Finish: the orange/agrumes notes come back with lots of wood and butter. It ends up with a mix of oriental spices that I cannot disentangle. Only bad point: it's not as long as I would hope, but maybe I'm asking too much...?

On the advice of Christophe Forgeron I tried to cool it a bit in my fridge before having a second go, but I didn't like the resutl too much (maybe it was too cold): it helped develop leather, which is a very good thing for me, but the bitterness and orange became too present...
Overall this is a magnificent cognac, this is elegance in a cognac but not the "weaker" type of elegance, e.g. some "haute couture"/fashion elegance, this is the elegance of Teofilo Stevenson on the ring, or a tiger on the move. At 135€ a bottle this will not be an everyday pour but how many people are selling good 40 YO cognac at a lower price ? Not that many I'm afraid...

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