Pierre Ferrand 1840 Original Formula, 45%

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Pierre Ferrand 1840 Original Formula, 45%

Postby numen » Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:09 am

from a purchased sample

Nose: Bright, high-pitched, and rather perfumy. It seems like there's a healthy dose of young Folle Blanche in here. Tangerine, apricot, and peach on a very subtle vanilla (white) canvas, if you will. Light grape, quince, sharp mirabelles and lemon zest (sweet). A touch tart as well. Perhaps a dollop of butter cream mixed with sugary cake frosting, but all rather subtle.

Palate: Not really as bright and sharp as the nose, and more on fermented peach and tangerines in soda water. Honey and off-sweetness with lemon zest and a hint of oak. Peculiar, really, and interesting with an unexpected twist building off the nose.

Finish: Some dry wood and lightly/softly sweet fruit and sugar water (with zest soaked inside). There's a vague sense of the bright fruits on the nose. Interesting blend, and I found the nose engaging, but the palate fell short and the finish a bit flat and brief. C+

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