1990 Ragnaud-Sabourin Grande Champagne, 41%

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1990 Ragnaud-Sabourin Grande Champagne, 41%

Postby numen » Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:09 am

from a purchased sample

Nose: Reminiscent of the XO, only this is brighter and has more high-pitch notes. Orange, tangerine, clementines pave the way, aided by a few drops of prune and date juice. Light (watery) marzipan and shaved almonds and walnuts. Summer flowers, honey, and sugar water (alas!). A pinch of salt, toffee, and a young off-sweet vanilla and oak note.

Palate: Sharp spice on entry along with some oak - not heavily bitter. Stewed oranges browned in the zest, and a raisiny-grapiness. Light on the whole, and some bitter flower wax. Subdued creamy nut shavings as well. Still more soft orange notes, but a bit darker and more overripe/fermented than the nose.

Finish: Sweet and faint grape residue. The fruit lasts a bit longer here than it did in the XO, and then it fades a bit to wet, empty fruit barrels and dry oak - a bit cleaner than the XO does. Again, well-balanced and promising, but it falls a bit shorter. C+

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