De Luze Extra Delight, 40%

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De Luze Extra Delight, 40%

Postby numen » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:51 pm

from a purchased sample

Nose: Mango, orange, and very ripe nectarine in a syrup (brown sugar based). Very subtle rancio against a backdrop of caramel (real, not added), croissant crust buttery goodness. Pear and... yeah... almost a Domfrontais with some pear extract drizzled in. Spices and fruit skins. Essence of flower petals. It has a few turns where it goes water silent, but it's generally a rather nervous number with depth and some complexity.

Palate: Rancio and some aged barrel influence coats it. Spicy wood and then the lightly sweet and fruit notes come out. Caramel and light burned sugar (bitter and nice) mango syrup concentrate, great spicy Sauternes, light grapiness and a drop of Calvados. Bitter apricot skin and aged/fermented soft orange fruits. Really excellent.

Finish: It lasts a while, and there's a healthy reminder of rancio, with the fruit (and then spice) following on just behind. It's a class act, and reminds me rather of some Tesseron for general profile and the play with the drier elements. Very well made and a very impressive effort. A-

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