Cognac Leyrat XO Elite 41%

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Cognac Leyrat XO Elite 41%

Postby numen » Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:00 pm

from a purchased sample

Nose: This comes out a bit, we're not in the land of the overly reduced. Or is that in the land of the 40%, even the 41% is king? Really rather nice with bright apples, red and green, reminiscent of a well made calvados, and there's a nice golden grapiness. A few flower petals and orange blossoms. The base has some vanilla (from the oak). A touch of pruneau and peach/apricot layered in there with quince and mirabelle. I'm enjoying this.

Palate: Ah! Very nice! A little raw and acidic with bitter wood as well, but it's minor and a little more grapey and quince jam with orange rind/zest. Hints of cinnamon . Honey and bitter flowers. Less apple.

Finish: Fades quickly, but holds better than the 40% samples that I've had recently. The wood keeps it from being too sweet, and there is a nice finish of peach, apricot, quince, and jammy grape skins. Slight, but still there. Some more vanilla and soft, wet barrel. B

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