Compass Box Last Vatted Malt 53.7%

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Compass Box Last Vatted Malt 53.7%

Postby numen » Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:31 pm

from a purchased sample

Nose: Interesting! A touch smoky and a subtle almost salty coastal quality. There's an underlying sweet malt base. Grassy. If you really work at it, you gt a touch of red fruit (berries); the sherry is extremely subdued. Honey, toffee, crystallized barley. Pretty obviously dominated by the ex-bourbon quality, but more other elements than the other Compass Boxes in this line-up.

Palate: Delicious. Creamy with just a bit of lemon soda water. Sugar water, thin honey, vanilla, cardamom. Soft wood. Cinnamon. Graphite and a touch of ash. Really very light and elegant. Maybe a little sherry in the recesses, merged with lightly earthy/peaty notes. Eventually, more red fruit, but it's not the strongest. Cherries?

Finish: Ashy, but all the same. There are a host of flavors here. The basic malty quality leads the way; it's very good here. The ash/peat and sherry balance it and give some balance and complexity. A very good effort. B/B+

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