Brora 27 Years Old 1981/2009 51.3% Duncan Taylor cask #291

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Brora 27 Years Old 1981/2009 51.3% Duncan Taylor cask #291

Postby numen » Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:11 am

from a purchased sample

Nose: Ah, really something. Almond skins, waxy, damp pebbles, lemon, putty, and oily. Superbly balanced. Ginger and very lightly peaty/smoky. Very lightly sweet, too, almost on peaches. In the depths, you get that tar/diesel that's so typical of Brora, but this is all rather elegant and refined. Hints of something green and vegetal, both a mossy forest and green peppers. Ah, and ashy honey. (with water) just a bit more coastal and tar/ash.

Palate: #%$&#. This is amazing. Perfectly weighted -- that sounds like a bizarre description, but, when you have it, you'll know. Oily, honeyed, zest-lemon, sharp (perfectly so). It's waxy, ginger, flecks of soft white pepper, and a bit more of those damp pebbles. And something of the very best Burgundy whites. (with water) A little thinner, but just a little, and more ashy and chili. Amazing. You see where this is going.

Finish: A little more ashy, the devolution of the tar and the sweetness from the winey quality. Waxy and all the rest of it. With water, it thins just a little on the palate, but it's beyond excellent A/A+ (96/97)

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