Glen Scotia 20 Year Old 1991/2012 Strawberry Ganache Wemyss

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Glen Scotia 20 Year Old 1991/2012 Strawberry Ganache Wemyss

Postby numen » Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:35 pm

from a purchased sample

Nose: Well, I'll be. This is a very jammy number, and nearly on fudgy marmalade. It's definitely in the heavily sherried realm. Chocolate and rubbery. Strong orange, and lots of dark, wild strawberries, plums, and something sweetly sour (aged balsamic). Green peppers and something of rainforest vegetation. It's unique and enjoyable, and fun! An odd blend, but it works decently. Definitely curious to see how it goes on the palate.

Palate: ... so here we go! Isn't that interesting. "What?" you ask. Dark and bitter chocolate, touched with a vinuous and slightly watery jam and tobacco. Some fudge and more of that green pepper. Orange and herbal liqueur. Lightly salted putty. Actually, I'm rather enjoying this. More on the bitter cocoa nibs, and it's darker than the nose.

Finish: Sadly, this is just very brief. It's got some nice fruity notes on the nose, and some on the palate. There's enough odd elements to surprise, and they work together fairly decently B

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