Glendronach 21yo Parliament (48%)

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Glendronach 21yo Parliament (48%)

Postby Pierre » Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:50 pm

I guess this is the oldest "not too expensive" glendronach bottling. Pretty good stuff imo, a very elegant whisky. Here's what I noticed:

Nose: very mature, dates and figs (dry), dried raisins (very present that one !), well cooked cake, red wood, with time comes a light salty note and sugar coated apples, mashed red beans (the sweet ones, azuki style), mustard and banana (yep, this is complex stuff, love it...).
Palate: very light smoke, ginger... Hard to distinguish the flavours really.
Finish: orange marmelade plus all the nose but very well integrated together (and some blond tobacco maybe ?), the alcohol is very smooth on that one, 48% are not felt at all, no need to add water imo.

This is probably the most elegant sherry whisky I've tried, it could be worth buying a bottle some day, it's complex and enjoyable at the same time, as well as very drinkable... I think I prefer it over its 15yo couterpart, it's a bit less bold but so yummy. Maybe the best sample of sherried whisky I have tried so far, although it's has less punch than the cask strength Glenlivet (but that one was a first fill, very powerful aromas).

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