Benriach 15 years old sherry finish (46%)

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Benriach 15 years old sherry finish (46%)

Postby Pierre » Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:07 pm

Another Benriach dram, from a sample ! A bit older than the last one and still sherry finish but no peat this time ! :D
This is from the sister distillery of Glendronach.

Nose: candied and marinated agrumes (lemon, orange), musk, "under-growth", ginger bread, candied cherries with time in the glass, very yummy and obviously sherried.
Palate: dark, sweet bread and touches of licorice, medium body, straightforward and satisfying.
FInish: medium length, very lemon pie, "creme brulée" (love that one), sometimes a little "robust" on the throat, which is not really welcome but you're inclined to forgive it...

Not as refined or complex as the Glendronach but maybe more satisfying, a little darker imo, it was really not bad, an every day dram that leaves you satisfied... If only the finish was a little less harsh, that would be top notch for me !

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