Glendronach 15yo revival (46%)

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Glendronach 15yo revival (46%)

Postby Pierre » Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:36 pm

I'm actually making a "sample trip" through sherried whisky territory that I started with the Benriach I posted recently, so going on with that a bit. This is from a MoM sample (too bad they don't have many samples of cognacs that I'd like to try...) I bought. This particular product has been praised by many reviewers, Ralphy even made it its whisky of the year !

Nose: clear notes of italian grappa ! almonds and cashew nuts, black berries and blueberries, sweet malt; with time comes tobacco and ripe apricots.
Palate: silky, delicate and yet not thin, not aggressive at all, malty with violette flowers and touches of pruneau
Finish: ginger bread, wild strawberries, chocolate chips, ginger cookies; it covers the back of your mouth very well and gives more pepper after the first sips.

Nice, I can see why many people like that stuff. It's an easy sipper but still has complexity, the nose is more accessible than the Glenlivet I posted about recently (which doesn't mean better) but the palate doesn't have the same liveliness... I think I prefered the Glendronach Cask Strength but I'd have to taste it again to be sure :roll: It's good value for the money though ! The grappa aroma is somewhat fun I must say :)

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