Colonel EH Taylor Single Barrel (50%)

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Colonel EH Taylor Single Barrel (50%)

Postby Pierre » Fri Aug 22, 2014 3:02 pm

This is a mashbill#1 bourbon from Buffalo Trace, same as Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare (that I really like) only at 50% abv and maybe a bit older (12 years ?). There are several versions of this bourbon, like a small batch for example. From a sample I bought.

Nose: needs a bit of time to give the better of itself, but if you're patient enough it's reaaaaaally nice... Starting with slight vegetal notes, then floral notes: violet, iris; goes to very clear orange zest. Elegant oak, dried fruits (dates), all of this wrapped in butter. A lingering milk chocolate, light bitterness and honey (yeaaaah, very nice light honey... Miam!).
Palate: clearly dominated by wood with sweet notes, charred oak, the alcohol is not burning at all.
Finish: intense, medium going to long, spices along cloves and cinnamon, honey (from sunflower maybe ?), roasted nuts, some heat in the throat that is at the limit of being aggressive sometimes...

This is very pleasant, there is something hard to describe that IS just bourbon smell, bourbon as I like it, it could be a nice but powerful everyday sipper. I'd get myself a bottle if I could find it at US price (say 60-70$). I tried to add some water but with these bourbon bottlings that work so well neat I don't like with water added, it's headier and somewhat more aggressive on the palate and finish, even though there's less alcohol on the nose... I'd advise to drink that stuff neat, and I'd also LOVE to try the cask strength expression ! If I have to go work in the USA I know I can find some good stuff to warm myself :mrgreen:

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Re: Colonel EH Taylor Single Barrel (50%)

Postby BSinTX » Fri Aug 22, 2014 5:39 pm

Good choice! I bought a bottle of this for my nephew on his first birthday...his dad will give it to him when he turns 21.

I know what you mean when you talk about that very distinct "Bourbon" aroma. When you walk into a rickhouse (where they store the barrels), the aroma is magic; it makes you hungry!!


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