Benriach 12 years Heredotus Fumosus (46%)

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Benriach 12 years Heredotus Fumosus (46%)

Postby Pierre » Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:44 pm

Benriach is a twin brand to glendronach, known to produce non chill-filtered and well appreciated whisky (often sherried whisky). I'm on a small trip in the world of sherried scotch whisky and trying to get an idea of what the market offers. On characteristic of Benriach is that they propose a normal range of "Speyside-like" whiskies and a very peated range with latin names. Hence you can expect this one is in the peaty category, and it is a sherry finished whisky. This is from a sample I bought.

Nose: Quite smoky then turning to peaty, kind of subtle peat, not monstrous (I tolerate peat only when it's subtle and not too present) but still very noticeable, very nice wooden perfumes, reminds a young cognac somehow, slightly sweet notes, fruity with (dry) raisins, peaches and apricots.
Palate: very drinkable, nicely integrated alcohol and medium body (46% is just right here), orange marmelade.
Finish: very peaty and salty ( :( ), very long but not in a good sense, I feel like this kind of peat burns my tongue and I can't feel anything else... If there's fruit in there it was out of reach for me.

Not bad for a middle aged scotch, if you like peat with a touch of sherry you should try it imo, however the finish is way too peaty and "burnt" for me, it kills the pleasure honnestly. Only for peat lovers...

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