Macallan Gold (40%)

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Macallan Gold (40%)

Postby Pierre » Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:40 pm

Bought a sample from this recently (very cute bottle).

I'm really not a scotch expert, but I can appreciate a "speyside type" of whisky, especially the sherried ones... So it went like this:
Nose: the name fits well, it's kinda golden, malty (no kidding...), slightly winey, reminds the notes you get from a A'bhunad but much weaker, cereals and a bit of raspberry eau-de-vie (not bad that one).
Palate: green apples seem to show themselves but... I think you know what I'm about to say... This is a bit weak on the palate, 40% is apparent there, it deserved a 43-45%.
Finish: there are nice things going on there, like young leather, traces of chocolate and vanilla with some nice acidulated red berries. Too bad that it's light and quite short!

So, this stuff shows promises, but in the end it's a young and somewhat watered down spirit. I read a looooot of acerb critics of Macallan new "coloured" line, especially the Golden: honnestly for me it's pretty exaggerated, it's not that horrible, I'd be curious to try the older expressions. As for the lack of age statement, I honnestly don't care as much as many reviewers, although it's always better to have some ideas of the composition of what you're drinking. However I am much more critical of the 40%! The nice thing about sctoch whicky is that they have many products at 43 or 46% (look like scottish magic numbers, but they're better than the 40% one), at the price tag this sauce deserved a 45-46%...

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Re: Macallan Gold (40%)

Postby BSinTX » Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:35 am

Good to hear your thoughts. I purchased a bottle of Macallan 15 year old a few years back as I was told (from someone I no longer trust to offer advice on Scotch) that it was the be-all end-all of Scotch whisky. I was not impressed, although I am not a Scotch maniac by any standard.

I'm surprised it was bottled at 40%. Typically Macallan is 43% and many Scotch fanatics ( claim it is run of the mill at best.

Here is his review of the Macallan Directors Edition:

New distillate
New distillate
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Re: Macallan Gold (40%)

Postby agoldf » Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:06 am

The gold is pretty bland. The Sienna is actually quite decent though probably far more expensive than it needs to be. The Ruby I've yet to try but I've heard conflicting reports.

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