Rowan's Creek KSBW

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Rowan's Creek KSBW

Postby BSinTX » Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:11 am

I opened this bottle a short while ago, but due to training getting heavier and heavier, I am drinking a lot less (notice I did not say I gave it up completely!) For today's review, we have Rowan's Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Now, on the bottle is a peculiar label stating, "The Bourbon in this lot has been aged in charred oak barrels..." To my knowledge, ALL Bourbon is aged in charred oak barrels. Anyhow, This is a product which is purchased by the barrel from other distilleries, blended and bottled by an independent bottler. I like this because there are some folks out there who just know what they are doing and this bottle is a fine example of just that. This is not a single barrel bottling.


50.05%ABV (Cognac makers, please read that again and again and again!!!)

Without water:

Nose: Corn, rather strong alcohol aroma, burnt butter, oak, and a touch of vanilla.

Taste: Bold and salty; some sweet toffee, spicy rye, white pepper, and a slight anise aftertaste.

With a splash of water:

Nose: Bright and sweet, the strong alcohol aroma is gone, buttery toffee, strong vanilla, clove, cherries, and walnuts. You often hear whisky drinkers speak of how water "opens" the whisky and this is a perfect example. Much more aromatic than without water.

Taste: Sweet corn, still some rye spice, toffee, cola, brown sugar, it's a bit less dry than before, raisins, cherries, and then a big blast of rye pepperiness at the end. Water really improves this product.

Okay, it's 100 degrees out here, so this time of year, I drink Bourbon on ice. Obviously, it loses a lot in the taste and aroma departments, but is quite refreshing also.

This bottle cost me $33.50 for a 750ml and is worth every penny I paid. While I would not consider this exceptional whiskey, I certainly consider it a comfort drink. From a price standpoint, it is quite affordable. From a quality standpoint, this is an excellent value.

After posting this review, I found a review on this Bourbon by entertaining Scotch whisky fanatic.

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