1995 Imperial 17 Year Old, Signatory for K&L, cask 50135

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1995 Imperial 17 Year Old, Signatory for K&L, cask 50135

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Nose: Rich honey, and very cereal and grainy. All great stuff. Some vanilla and cake frosting. Sweet lemon custard with a slight edge to it. A few drops of anise. Essence of summer flowers with a side of wild strawberries. (with water) Lots more sugary sweetness and buttery sweet cake frosting. Vanilla. Just a few echoes of the flowers and wax. Honey and almost sweet, 'yellow' thick bourbon.

Palate: Thick and honeyed. No trend here. Rather rich and decadent. It's a very direct number. Sweet grainy cereal. More vanilla, floral wax, and the oak emerges at the mid-palate. It provides a quick check and some tartness before receding. Less fruit, some anise, cardamom, and graphite. (with water) Oak is diminished, while still providing a lemon zest and less sweet edge. Obvious honey, grainy toast.

Finish: All the same satisfying notes, direct and to the point. Still very well balanced and hits the mark when you want something like this. Great stuff. B+

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