Selling 300 Hennessy bottles from my collection

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Don Henny
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Selling 300 Hennessy bottles from my collection

Postby Don Henny » Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:24 pm

Hi all Hennessy collectores drinkers etc..

Since my collection has grown around/over 700 bottles I am selling a big part to create some space in my house and cellar. So in time looking to sell 200 to 400 bottles...

So...Anything your looking for in my collection might be for sale!! You can contact me with your interested bottle(s)... through Facebook, Instagram,Website, and here also...
You can follow me on Instagram if you have "Don Henny" where I post most of my stuff, or go to my website and check out what you like to get... although my website is not upto date completely..
I am keeping a part also that I will not sell but I got many doubles ect...
For those interested Happy Hunting in my collection!!!

Don Henny

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