Optional: Black sharpie pen, for those really fine details

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Optional: Black sharpie pen, for those really fine details

Postby mandian » Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:45 am

Personalize Shoes with Acrylic

Personalizing shoes is a fun activity for both adults and children who love to paint and express themselves in artistic ways. Shoes can have any pattern the designer wishes. The first thing to do, before even buying the shoes, is to have a basic idea of what you are going to draw. Take careful consideration when buying your shoes, the most important factor is the fabric and color. Do not buy non shoes, athletic shoes, leather shoes, or shoes with a lot of texture. If you want an intricate pattern, I suggest high top converse with a plain canvas material because these shoes will offer a large flat space on both sides on the shoe. If you are interested in smaller designs, buy either canvas flats or something like Keds or Vans. If you buy white or light colored shoes you can use fabric markers and sharpies to color your art, giving it a smooth natural look. Darker color shoes are going to need acrylic paint so that the images can be visible.

1. Plain fabric based shoes like converse, vans, or keds.

2. Acrylic paint depending on the pattern, I suggest red, blue, yellow, brown, white, and Cheap authentic jerseys black. These basic colors can be mixed into any color you need.( In theory you don't need brown, but I suggest it because hand mixed brown is often grayer and less appealing than store bought brown)

4. Clear Varnish matte, satin or gloss. I recommend the Nfl jerseys wholesale spray on from Rust oleum or Krylon.

Optional: Fabric markers (if decorating a light colored shoes)

Optional: Black sharpie pen, for those really fine details

So after looking at the comment about using sharpies, I wondering about using Gesso. I only just learning something about painting technique and so I looked it up online. Apparently, it is used to prime a surface or raw canvas before painting with acrylics, to keep the paint from soaking into the canvas. That may work if you don want your Sharpies to bleed, but I don know how gesso and permanent marker ink interact. Also, Nike shoes outlet the research I did said that gesso will tighten raw canvas. Will this make it necessary to break in the shoes to make them comfortable? If so, how will the canvas look once shoes are broken in? This is just an idea, but if anyone has tried this before, what are your results? Or if Authentic nfl jerseys you are used to working with. gesso, what do you think will happen when using it on shoes?

so i wanna do some white vans the ones that dont have shoe laces and i want to decorated them all the way around completely i dont want any white showing but i dont want to use paint is it the same if you just use colored sharpies?? will the sharpies fade?? or smudged?? do you have to paint your shoes white again so they could be smoooth to color on?? and after your done drawing on them do you still have to spray them with varnish?? can you please answer me on here or on facebook: Kirany Lavadores add me :) i wanna design my own shoes its something ive always wanted to do.

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