Martell Creation, 40%

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Martell Creation, 40%

Postby numen » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:52 pm

from a purchased sample

Nose: Has an elegant and aged vibe at first, but needs a few minutes to open up. Turns more to dense syrup with some rancio, a sprinkling of cacao powder, and a healthy dose of dried fruit nibs. Dates, figs, oranges, some walnuts, and extracted figgy jam. A little pruneau, strawberry jam, hidden marzipan layered in there as well. Vibrant and no mistaking its age here. Really superb stuff.

Palate: Syrupy with a surprising burst of spice and rather full of rancio. Soft orange, fig skins, with some soft oranges and off-sweet zest (separate). At the mid-palate, there's a little transition to pruneau and dates (moist, but more flavor than the sweetness). Plums, Christmas cake, and minced pudding. It really just keeps pounding the flavors through, even at 40% this thing shows itself.

Finish: Lasts and keeps holding. Rancio, pruneau, figginess,and sweetly spiced minced pudding. Really fabulous and well-made. I wouldn't mind if this were a little higher proof, but it's exceptional as is, and clearly shows the skill of the cellarmaster. All the characteristics of an older cognac, but still full of life. A

New distillate
New distillate
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Re: Martell Creation, 40%

Postby RN2015 » Mon May 25, 2015 12:56 am

I have a Cognac Martell Cordon Blue Bacarrat Decanter with Box From 1984 to sell for 1800 Euros, see picture Below and let me know if there are interested, Kjnd Regards
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